A Little Exaudi.

It has been a long time coming; years in fact.  When you have a history with something you can look back & see how you got where you are, all the sign posts & mile markers that define the journey.  That has been our journey with Vocal Manoeuvres.

We began by default.  At the time Cait was an instrumentalist: flute, violin, piano. She played with 2 school bands & a community band.  She sang with our local primary choir with a very good choir mistress but instruments was what we did.  It was never going to be a full on goer because Cait is double~jointed everywhere & her finger knuckles have a bad habit of dislocating & locking up in weird positions.  You can imagine what happens!  However our local council was workshopping & keen to have island kids participate.  As it turned out we were the only lot that ever turned up to find it was not instrumental, as we had thought, but vocal & Alison was in charge.

We workshopped through the 2 weeks of school holiday, travelling every day in & out to the mainland, culminating with dress rehearsal for parents & a performance at the Strawberry Festival.  I don’t think it’s called that any more but that is what I remember it as.  And then I breathed a sigh of relief.  It had been heaps of fun.  We had both really enjoyed ourselves but it was exhausting & expensive.

You need to understand, Cait was never a child who asked for much.  As a homeschooler her family was pretty much the centre of her existence & her wants few.  She had a busy & interesting extra~curricula schedule & more we did not need. But Alison does something rather extraordinary with her singers.  She challenges them to rise to heights they never believed possible & when they sit on the pinnacle they thought they couldn’t reach she points them to the next mountain.  Along the way she gives them the tools they need.  What she created, even with her junior choir, was professional musicianship: sight readers, who could read their score; children who were performance hardened & knew how to present on stage, take their default position, use their mike, take direction…& Cait knew she wanted that.  It is the only time I ever remember her begging for anything.

I was horrified.  I’d seen enough to know this was never going to be cheap but her father has always been a pushover when it came to his girls & so we began.  Years of travelling every week.  Hours of waiting: for boats, for buses, for rehearsals & performances. Auditions & meltdowns. Knowing Cait had to work twice as hard to keep up with all those private students. And despite her aversion to academics Cait benefited from being homeschooled when it came to her music; she knew how to learn for herself!  Don’t mistake me.  I was incredibly blessed to sit in on rehearsals & hear beautiful music week after week, month after month then year after year.

Alison has numerous choirs but her showpiece is Exaudi Australis.  The cream of her singers land there & it was always the choir to aim for.  This was what Alison was training children for 10 years ago.  Last year Cait got her chance to sing alto with Exaudi. We had been hoping for this, preparing for it.  We had organised the car, the parking & the licence in preparation for the extra Cait would be called on for.  OK, so we were a little behind schedule but we consistently worked towards it & in August Cait scored her Ps & began travelling independently.  For the first time in years I wasn’t privy to all the internal workings of Cait’s choir though after all those years I know individual voices, strengths, weaknesses, ability & I think I always will.

This year the core of AVAE, who have now been with Alison for 10 years or more, are a large component of Exaudi. Friday we went to hear their showpiece concert, Music for the Spirit Moved. Alison’s showpieces are worth coming for.  This time it was just Exaudi, none of her other choirs.  It is predominately an a capella choir specialising in Renaissance & chamber music & for years all Alison’s choirs have had one or two pieces they perform a capella & unconducted.  This year Exaudi has been working towards an entire concert, a cappella & unconducted. Friday was it!


This was one concert I had no intention of missing.  We rounded up the island contingent for a truly spectacular performance. This has always been an exceptional choir musically.  They can perform even quite difficult pieces on short notice because they are so well trained in musicianship. They have sung with Mirusia, The Ten Tenors, The King’s Singers.   Earlier this year they workshopped with The King’s Singers, not just on vocals but blocking for individual songs & stage craft.  What Alison hadn’t been able to get through to them The King’s Singers did.  The result was something else!

The repertoire I knew.  Things like Gotye, the Lux, Paradisum, the Miserere are among some of my favourite pieces.  Not so keen on things like Dido’s Lament, but I’m not an opera fan.  Never have been.  I have a tendency to want to strangle sopranos. Yet having said that I love how one of the younger soprano’s hits, floats, sustains her high C in Miserere Mei Deus.  Exquisite.


Not only was this entire repertoire a cappella, & unconducted, the ensemble moved positionally around the stage to form & reform individual groupings for each song, then later they lined the outside aisles & finally formed groups in amongst the audience ~ still a cappella, still unconducted.  Cait was right behind us at one stage.  She had got us tickets in the first block of seats bang in the middle.  Luverly.  All the singers had headsets which made the most incredible difference to the sound.  It wasn’t only that we could hear the individual singers but as they soloed they could be clearly heard.  Yep, Cait was anchoring her alto section & had her moments.  Always a bit nerve wracking knowing her tendency to space out at inconvenient moments & apparently so jiggly before coming onstage she was driving other choristers crazy but Alison, who knows her well, agreed she needed to get it out before she walked on stage!

Alison should have been seriously happy with the outcome.  This is a choir that is very, very close to being able to compete with the best a cappella ensembles in the world.  So impressed.  Absolutely beautiful from beginning to end.


A Little Rehma…

Going to Rhema did not fundamentally change my theology.  The theology I had.  The Holy Spirit had systematically been moving us in a steadily charismatic direction for over 10 years but I am a quiet person; a cautious person.  Dancing in the aisles & exuberant displays before the altar were not my style.  If I had been God [& aren’t you glad I’m not!] I would never have sent me to somewhere like Rhema.  To this day I struggle with the crowds & the noise & I expect that people who didn’t know would never peg me for a Rhema Alumni.

Rhema did not change my theology; it changed how I applied what I knew.  People like me are not much good in the doing department.  We tend to watch the world go by in a rather bemused state, content to know that we know that we know & happily hoarding information like old misers.  I have a lot in common with the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes:  Will caring about them help save them?  No?  Then I ‘ll continue to not make that mistake. lol

As I will happily tell people, bible school was never on my agenda.  What I wanted to do was go back to school, study archaeology & go dig up Skara Brae.  I still want to go dig up Skara Brae.  For one thing all it’s people are dead.  That is incredibly attractive given how messy real people make life.

Instead I found myself being asked to apply theology in practical ways & in all honesty in 10 months of bible school I don’t think I ever once applied anything to anything.  I learn primarily by observation.  When I have observed enough I mimic what I’ve seen.  There’s a reason I did drama at uni!  🙂   Besides, I found it extraordinarily hard to believe that the Holy Spirit would work through me to help someone else ~ which has made for some very interesting conversations between the Holy Spirit & me!

Then Rhema has a healing mandate.  I had zero interest in healing.  Those of you who have followed my blogging over the years know I land in arcane areas.  So I watched & I observed but the Holy Spirit lay quiescent .  I wasn’t getting nudges to do anything. I know some Rhema grads will find that difficult to believe but the Holy Spirit knows what He’s dealing with when He’s dealing with me & He is not about to panic me, scare the daylights out of me or freak me out completely.  He may shove me out of my comfort zone but never unprepared & so He has let the teaching settle & slowly bubble until it has risen up of its own accord out of my spirit.  Which is where it gets interesting…

My primary mandate, according to the Lord, is in the office of Prophet ~ which is just a fancy way of saying I get to teach & preach a lot!  And this is how the Holy Spirit moved because the times I felt moved to compassion was as I heard people speaking things into their lives that they shouldn’t & praying in ways that pretty much guaranteed they wouldn’t get an answer & I knew that good teaching would give them the tools they needed to help themselves.  There are spiritual principals that govern spiritual things & when you align yourself correctly with the Holy Spirit & the revealed & known will of God the power of God is released in your life.

When the bible study I was attending shut down we began our own, choosing a teacher & theme that lined up theologically with my desire to give people the tools they needed in an easily understandable way. And quietly, gently, patiently we have been reinforcing, over & over, the available spiritual tools: modeling them [a la homeschooling], demonstrating, testifying ~ & the grinding as people have gradually shifted their spiritual ground has been LOUD!  

The thing with faith is it feeds on itself.  However small your faith when it gets results it breeds more faith.  So we were praying for healing, 2 Rhema grads, a Rhema attendee & 2 who have been sitting under that teaching for over 6 months now & when we were done one of the ladies said in wonderment, I felt the power arrive, & I felt it go out! Um, yeah…as it’s meant to.  And it did not return void…

A Little Chocolate & Holst’s Planets.

The rain has been raining & the wind is from the west.  It has been incredibly miserable for days & days & days.  The cats went stir crazy & did unmentionable things so when we got to Saturday with no improvement I was deeply regretting the two tickets I had bought to hear Holst at QPAC.  Especially as Cait, per composers instructions, wasn’t even going to be on~stage & her whole thing lasts about 3 minutes out of a 2 hour performance.  The fact that I really like this bit of music was nothing against travelling in the wind & rain.

Oh, & Cait’s call time was 9am ~ rehearsal & sound check.  Ugh.  I was sorta resigned but Cait generously said she would come back for Bek & I sometime in the afternoon rather than me having to make 2 trips.  Her *sometime* was about 4.30 & she made good time back into town so we had nearly 2 hours to kill.

Bek is great to do things with because she pre~determines that she is going to enjoy herself no matter what   ~ & she likes chocolate!  No more incentive needed.  We walked Cait round to the stage door then headed down Grey Street in the mizzle to investigate the Chocolateria San Churro.  I had noticed this several times over the past few months but one way or another had never managed to have enough time to investigate properly.  The sad fact is I’m not much of a city person so rarely spend any time actually investigating the eateries & things around QPAC.  My one idea is generally to get in & out of town as fast as possible. 

We ordered the Choc Fudge Bizcocho with hot chocolate.  Bek had a shot of chilli in hers but I opted for a straight espresso shot!  Naturally!

We had to pick up our tickets at the box office ~ & there are 3~ so we were wandering round the building like lost sheep looking for the concert hall one. Not the only ones by a long shot. You’d think by now I’d have this sorted but in all honesty I know the green Room & the Stage Door better than I know the concert halls. Lots of people only get involved in this stuff when their kids do.  I don’t think I need to do another rant about ticket prices, do I.

P1060934 (2)

I have odd tastes in music ~ as in everything else.  The highlight of this piece for me are the vocals at the end with the manufactured sensation of a vast and seemingly endless space.  However the QYO is John Curro’s bunny & so we had Duda’s Tuba Concerto No. 1 performed by tubist Andreas Hofmeir.  Let’s just say the orchestra really appreciated it. Me, meh…Although Curro conducted the first half of the concert the 2nd half was done by Conductor Warwick Potter ~ who arrived on stage minus his shoes & wearing bright red socks!  I was charmed.  I also really liked the way he conducted ~ lots of dynamics & he was fun to watch.

Really late home but I wasn’t the preacher on Sunday!  Good thing too.

Study: the Highest form of Worship. Hebrew idiom

I can get a little carried away.  Arcane things excite me.  I like the esoteric.  I major in information overload. Our little bible study has had to come to terms with me.  To their credit they are doing very well indeed!  🙂  I will leave it to your imagination  the look on their faces when I gave them each a little packet of *toys* & a jumble of Hebrew letters tumbled out!

No, I was not being particularly nasty.  Nor was I being something of a show off.  I don’t read Hebrew any more than I read Greek.  That is what Mr Google is for  & very helpful he is indeed!  However we had reached chapter 11 of our text which discusses the Menorah & the Holy Spirit gave me one of His pokes.  

Go on, He seemed to say.  You’re going to love this!

Mr Google likes you to be very specific when you ask him things so my first forays did not turn up what I was looking for but the Holy Spirit was still nudging so I  gave it some thought & tried again.  He was right.  I loved what He showed me!!!

Yes I am going to share.  Lucky you!


The first thing the Lord highlighted was the pictographs.

This is the Hebrew for Menorah.


And this is what turns up when you look at the meaning hidden in the Hebrew.  Although pictographs have multiple meanings the best one is usually apparent from context & the Hebrew letters of today are based on these old pictographs.  I am using the letters, not the pictographs.  

Hebrew reads from right to left so the first letter is Mem ~ mighty.  The second is Nun which can mean seed or son. The third is Resh, with the meaning of first & the last is Hey, meaning reveal.  Put all together you get: Mighty Son First Revealed!

This throws a whole heap of scriptures into a different light.  

I am the Light of the World.

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path…

I’ll also make you as a light to the nations, to be my salvation to the ends of the earth

I have set thee to be a light of the Gentiles, that thou shouldest be for salvation unto the ends of the earth.

Now we have done Passover, Hanukkah, Sukkot more than once so I am more than aware that the centre branch of the menorah is the servant light, representing Christ. And you then have multiple prophetic layers of meaning.  There are the 7 feasts of Israel.  Prophetically there are 3 O.T & 3 N.T feasts ~ 3 either side of the servant light, Pentecost being the pivotal point.  There are 7 churches in Revelation & in Isaiah there are the 7 spirits of God. And it was here it got really interesting!

Now, said the Holy Spirit, have a look at Jesus written in Hebrew.

Here it is:


Count the *flames* on top of the letters.

Yep.  Seven.

Dancing a little jig here.

Yeah, I know.  Little things like this excite me.  I mean I haven’t even got into the numerical thing because it hurts my head but  I love how God hides these little things away so you get surprise packets as you read & study.

And lastly, just because it amuses me, when you break down the Hebrew for Hebrew you get: See, Son, Hand, Cross. 

There is more, of course.  There is always more but that is probably enough to start with. I love how there is no end to the things God can reveal about Himself.

The New Order.


I waited & waited for the day to arrive & when it finally did I breathed a sigh of relief.  Finally I was done!  No more running for late night boats.  No more waiting on blustery jetties with the wind whipping straight off the south pole.  No more wandering round town waiting for the girl to finish singing while the rain mizzled & the trees dripped. I was done.  Bed at a reasonable hour.  Warm & dry when it was cold & wet outside.  I wasn’t even having anxiety issues.  I have driven with the girl for over 2 years.  She is a good driver .

And then it happened. 😦


I missed her.

No more singing in the car at midnight.  No more bubbly as performance adrenaline rushed out,  No more D&M or silly games as we waited in peak hour traffic.  My baby was on her own.

I didn’t even go to her last performance.  QPAC ~ & the ticket prices were out of my reach.  We’ve had a lot of mummy/daughter time over the years & at some point every mother has to let go, right?  The time had come.  She’s smart.  She’s sensible ~ & she has a brand new car.

I picked her up from the jetty at 1am, cold, wet, exhausted.  She has been working 5 days a week, singing 6 ~ travelling to the mainland everyday after work ~ 2  performances Saturday while I peacefully immersed myself in study at home. And it has begun.  Holst is Saturday.  Cait is making sure I am coming.

Do you know Holst’s The Planets?

The choir comes right at the end ~ & when done as Holst envisioned it they are not even on stage, to help create the illusion of vast distance.  But yes, I am going.  Apparently that’s what mummy’s do.


I Hate Religion

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s pretty hard to make me angry.  Irate? Yes.  Irritable?  All to easy.  Angry?  Nope.

 Religion makes me angry ~ & the people who practice it.

But aren’t you religious?  Nope.  I  have a relationship with Jesus & while it can get a tad flakey it’s not religion.  Far, far from it.

My Iphone & I have a love hate relationship.  I have trouble answering it when actually using it as a phone though it works really well for gaming.  🙂  So I missed the incoming call & it took a bit to figure out how to return the call.  When I did I had some woman yelling really loud & fast she wanted a pastor.  Preferably male.   Obviously not me!

Now those who have been following along know we advertise on our ferries & we’ve copped a really, really hard time from the other churches.  It has been a long, hard slog but John has been saying for some time now, We are in people’s faces; when their need is great enough they will come to us.   I don’t do people so well so I’ve gone, Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…. So this phone call was not what I was expecting.  And I was taking the girl to rehearsal so I wasn’t available anyway but I happily passed it all on to John ~ who has a strangely intense relationship with the Holy Spirit.  He asked me to mark what he calls The Salvation verse [Romans 10:9] & the laying on of hands verse in Mark ~ which I did.  Dyslexic so finding things quickly is not his deal.

John kept saying, God has made this one hungry….& I thought, yeah, right!  But God had.  John walked into the sort of mess only religion can make.  This poor chappie, facing major surgery, had already spoken to a pastor that day ~ a pastor who left him in a terrible state & terrified for his salvation.  This makes me soooo angry.  No, I don’t believe in comforting lies but terribly easy to show them Romans, ask if they believe, show them God desires their healing & pray.  By the time John was done this man was standing upright & showing every sign that some sort of healing had already occurred as well as spiritual healing.

However what really impressed me, because when it comes to dealing with God’s Word John & I are chalk & cheese, is how John gave this man a handle on prayer because he figured he didn’t know how to pray.  All he knew was the Lord’s prayer.  Now I have been teaching on prayer on & off for years ~ & John has had the full benefit of my academic approach!  He has listened to me rabbit on about Jewish liturgy & how the Lord’s prayer is a condensation of the Adimah & how there are 12 principles to pray out in the Lord’s Prayer…yadda, yadda, yadda.  I can seriously go on for a very long time.  Not John.  He grasps hold of the important bits & condenses it into manageable bit sized pieces.

  • The Lord’s prayer is a good place to start.
  • Jesus has given us a list of things to talk about with the father.
  • Pray those things out

Hah!  That is my teaching in a nutshell!

The difference between religion & relationship is very simple.  It is John 8:36 ~ 36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.  It is not about rules & regulations.  That puts us under the law & gets us judged under the law.  When we come under Grace our stony hearts are replaced with hearts of flesh that are capable of being led by the Spirit into righteousness.  It’s not complicated.  It’s not difficult.  It’s not rocket science.  Grace always comes first.  Without it none of the rest is possible & I so wish the religious would get a grasp on this simple fact because we are never going to be good enough!  On the other hand, Jesus already paid the price to make us righteous & He was always good enough!



The Girl Least Likely.

P1080521Ask anyone who knows me; I am the girl least likely to remember life is a participatory affair.  I am a reader & a thinker.  When it comes to doing I stick to plants.  They don’t bite.  All my spiritual gifts are vocal.  It is extraordinarily rare for me to operate in any of the practical gifts. And we all know this, right?

So John & I head up to the garage to replace a blown bulb for our right hand blinker.  Getting it will be my job because John almost never gets out of the car.  What he likes is driving.  I’m clueless so I hand the bulb to the attendant & say,”I want one of these, please.”  Then I watch her limp off to get my bulb.

Normally that would make me feel incredibly guilty because, after all, I am perfectly fit & healthy & could perfectly well have gone & got my own bulb.  Rather I was moved to compassion. When you read the gospels you read so often that before Jesus healed He was moved with compassion.

So I’m chatting away ~ yes, it does happen on occasion~ asking what’s up & hearing all about it [well, I did ask] when the Holy Spirit gives me a nudge.  My first instinct is to think who I know who operates in the gift of healing because what I know for a fact is it’s not me!

My wonderful Dean & I came apart over the anointing for evangelism more than once because I knew all about the anointing within & the anointing upon when it came to preaching, teaching & prophecy but it was seriously absent whenever we were *out in the marketplace*.  It didn’t matter how often I was told I was already anointed for this there was nothing of the Spirit to guide me ~ & I know His leading well enough to know when He’s absent!  So I’m pretty sure it’s not me the Holy Spirit wants to use.

On the other hand I know John has a thing for healing but before I could pass the whole caboodle over to him the Holy Spirit gives me another nudge to check the anointing.  For my friends who do not operate this way this is how it works for me: When I preach, when I teach, when I prophesy I am aware of both an inner anointing & the outer, which falls like a prayer shawl over my head & shoulders; when I pray the anointing is heat in the palms of my hands & this is also where I experience the anointing for healing.  Yep, hands on fire.  This is disconcerting to say the least but opportunities are opportunities so I ask the million dollar question: would she like prayer?

I am expecting a no; I get a yes but no way am I doing this on my own.  I will always opt for extra power so I grab John & explain we’re going to lay hands on her & as soon as I do she’s yelping that my hands are really, really hot & I’m trying to explain that’s the Holy Spirit & Jesus is going to heal her.  All through our brief prayer she reiterates that my hands are hot. *sigh*  My instinct is to teach.  What she needs is healing.

Is she healed?  I haven’t asked her.  I believe it is Jesus desire that she be healed & free of pain. I believe people of faith can stand in the gap for others.  In one sense it simply doesn’t matter.  The Lord is always looking for those who will say, “Yes,” when He beckons.    None of the other churches over here operate as we do.  The irony is I know there’s power in the name of Jesus.  It’s not a theory.  It is a simple fact.  I’ve experienced it.  The glory is all His.  I’m just a conduit for His will.  In point of fact the name of Jesus is so powerful it can even operate through * The Girl Least Likely*.


C~Gen ~& everything else.

P1080633 I have been silent.  For the past few days Cait & I have been on  a pre~dawn boat heading into Brisbane where I have quickly become heartily bored & Cait has been on her feet for 14 hours straight:  rehearsal; sound check; dress rehearsal; matinee; evening performance; matinee; evening performance & in our door at 1am. Ugh.  The worst of Creative Generation is how full on it is.P1080634 By Saturday we were drying her stockings on the dashboard as we drove!  Yep.  Don’t ask about my house.  My son begged me to do his work clothes today.  Because I am a good mummy they are done.


The Brisbane Convention Centre is enormous & like so much else in Brisbane an absolute maze to negotiate.  Bonus was free parking & 2 free tickets as Cait was in the Alumni choir this year. 

We’ve only done C~Gen once before & it was so exhausting I swore never again!  

In case you don’t know this is the State School’s creative highlight of the year.  Schools from all over the state participate in dance, orchestra & song.  Those interested in backstage  work as goffers but after 10 years C~Gen is under fire.  People are whinging it eats huge amounts of time [true] removing children from the classroom [true] for no academic benefit [not true].  And it is massively expensive!  Just hiring the venue costs double figures in the thousands per day ~ to say nothing of the television rights [channel 10, Sept, 6].  Most of these kids will get no better opportunity to work with the likes of David Kidd & James Morrison. Plus the convention centre has all the latest technology so the whole experience is just fantastic & though people can [& are] making good arguments that the money could be better spent there are hidden benefits to kids doing stuff like this.  The biggie for me is simply the self~discipline required.  Lots of the kids start out with huge talent & no self~discipline.  They learn very quickly talent alone is not going to get them anywhere.  Lack of discipline will deny them opportunities.  That is an invaluable lesson ~ & phuleese, don’t try & tell me they get it in the classrooms.  I know better.

I took a friend to the Friday evening performance, what’s more a friend I’ve dragged round to Vocal Manoeuvre‘s more up~market performances, so not sure what she’d make of this very loud, high energy performance but she thought it was fantastic!  Probably appreciated it more than me.  I have been spoilt by a capella.  However that’s one islander who has twigged Cait is working professionally & anything she’s in is of a very high standard.  The rest of the island just thinks I’m a rather besotted mum. 😉



I seriously envied the sleep in I didn’t get the next morning as we headed back into town to do it all again.  Downside was not having a ticket for the night performance & hours to go before I could sleep!  I headed up to the library & found the Art Markets.  Bonus.  I read till I decided more caffeine was necessary then headed into Southbank where white teepees stretched from one end of Southbank to the other.  Not the normal weekend markets but….P1080641 Wasted on me really as I’m not, never have been, unlikely [at this late stage] to ever be a foodie.  Nearly every booth had tasting:  Spanish, Greek, Asian, Turkish, Italian; olives, limes, Bush Tucker; ginger & chocolate ~ none of which I wanted.  I did succumb to the raspberries & cream.  I adore raspberries!P1080640It has been bitterly cold up here.  So much for sunny Queensland!  I sat in the sunshine for a bit but once the shadows started gathering it was nasty so close to the water & I headed back to the centre where Cait was busily occupied signing autographs.  Don’t ask.  And being fed because *apparently we’re important*.  *sigh*  She spent today in bed complaining she didn’t feel well between prolonged naps!!!


A Quick Trip.

P1080620 (2) 

 Eight decades is pretty good going by anyone’s reckoning but life is not neat & tidy so I wasn’t there for my mother’s birthday.  I was between workshops & a concert & although Cait & I had discussed rushing up just for the day it is a lot of driving & she had really big days either side.  Instead we opted to drive up after Wednesday’s rehearsal for a couple of days at the end of the Queensland school holidays, landing on my mother’s doorstep closer to midnight than not.


Even then we could only squeeze a couple of days out of our schedule as Cait is in pre~production week for Creative Gen & locked into an all day rehearsal Sunday.  However we went to Curley’s on the Boardwalk at Coolum for Thursday lunch, which was lovely.  It is tucked away behind the dunes & a little out of the way but very serene & relaxed.  We ate inside because the weather has been bitter recently & I was very happy with my meal.  I ordered the grilled haloumi, walnut & pear salad with rocket with some trepidation as I’m not real keen on pears or cheese but it was really lovely & the lemon meringue that followed was tart rather than sweet, just the way I prefer a lemon tart!  We walked our meal off by hiking out along the boardwalk to the blustery beach which was far too cold for walking along though that never seems to stop the board riders.

We did get a short beach walk in on the Friday, late in the afternoon.  It was chilly but at least not windy.  Ma’s cat, Pixie, was noticing the cold too, following the sun around the house & curling up in the warmest spot available.  Cats are smart like that.

P1080621We were home Saturday afternoon to John’s infinite relief as my cats give him a really hard time when I go away, blaming him for my absence.  I have been licked to death & loved all over & Marlow keeps sticking his head under my blankets to check I really am still here!


Today’s Trivia.

Acts 1:8

8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.’

z_sacrifice-inspire (2)

What is interesting about this passage? Well, when you go to the Greek you get this [c/~ Mounce’s Reverse Interlinear]:

alla lambanō dynamis ho hagios pneuma eperchomai epi hymeis kai eimi egō martys…..

That’s right, the word translated witnesses is martyr. Now doesn’t that put a new spin on things!